I Have Been Hanging out at an Incubator

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I am certainly not ready to take the big leap and go out on my own, but a friend of mine has been working on his own app and I have been hanging out with him quite a lot. Originally he wanted to make an app to trade bitcoin, but then he looked around and found something called the bitcoin era app. So he started working on a different idea and then a different idea after that. I figure that is a terrible way to go about it, but then his father is an oral surgeon and his mother is the sort of lawyer I could not afford to speak with for long than thirty seconds. He still gets an allowance and they bought him a car and pay his rent, so he can do what he likes more or less. I hardly have that sort of luxury. If I did something I would have to worry about what they call burn rate.

Normally a burn rate refers to someone else giving you a big pile of money and expecting you to accomplish your task before you turn the money into a pile of ashes. In my case I would probably have to get the money myself, so it would be a lot more poignant concept to me. I would have to be sure that I had a really good idea and that I knew exactly how to execute the actual work before I could embark on such a journey. I do not have the sort of sure fire idea and I have no confidence I could make it real if I did. However I have found a girl while I was looking around. She has been trying to convince me to help her with some code, my friend told her I could and I thank him for that.

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