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If you take a walk around your local commercial area where there are a lot of fast food restaurants, you will notice that almost every local place that serves chicken products has used its image in their brand mark.

Why is that? Do they think that using chicken symbols will make it distinct from others? Or are they simply trying to make sure that their customers understand what they are selling?

Then let me ask you this, do you see a chicken in the KFC or the McDonalds logo yet you know what they sell, right?

This proves the theory that you do not need a chicken in your chicken logo design.

But isn’t the first rule of crafting logo designs is to make your emblem real and tempting enough to feel.

So if the chicken picture is thrown out of the window, how will you create an image that makes mouth water?

We can give you a few ideas:

Use Hot And Mouth Watering Colors:

Instead of using the chicken, why not use colors that subconsciously remind you of delicious and mouth watering fried food. Use red and golden colors in your brand mark. Red is the color of energy and speed. It is also the color that increases appetite but when combined with golden, it is the color that reminds you of food that has just come out of the oven. By using only these two colors in your trademark, you will automatically send your customers into the land of hot and yummy fried food.

Make The Fonts Fun And Approachable:

When a customer looks at your brand mark, what is the first feeling you want him to feel?

You want him to feel that this is the place where he will get delicious food along with a fun filled environment and great service.

Can you say all that with your fonts?

You certainly can!

Instead of using straight and boring fonts that are better suited for a corporate company, try using type face that is curvy and slightly elevated to represent a friendly and informal atmosphere where no one would give a second glance if you ask for seconds or thirds. Keep your emblem text at an angled alignment to add an interesting touch.

Use The Word ‘C’ In Your Monogram or Slogan:

You can use the chicken word but this step is only for people who are still not fully satisfied if their emblem is sending across the business message as clearly as they want it to. Although, you don’t need to do this because I’m sure that by now you’ve created a symbol that will coerce your customers to make a beeline to your place but if you are still not sure if they ‘get’ what you do, then use it in your slogan and comprehend that in your monogram just like the popeyes chicken logo has. That will leave NO doubts!

In conclusion, say no to the chicken image in your brand mark and make sure that your customer’s mouth still waters at the thought of your delicious and scrumptious meals.

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