Four Agreements Companion Book

The four agreements have introduced a simple but powerful code of conduct in order to achieve individual freedom and true happiness. Now, the Book of Companions of the Four Accords takes you even further on the journey to regain the consciousness and wisdom of your authentic self. This accompanying book is a must not only for those who enjoyed Don Miguel`s first book, but for all those who are willing to suffer and master the art of life in our natural state: happiness. The accompanying book contains: -How to break the domestication that keeps you slave to fear – The key to regaining your will, your faith and the power of your word – practicing ideas that will help you become the master of your own life – A dialogue with Don Miguel about the life of the four agreements – The successes of the people who used the four agreements”The four agreements are a tool of transformation which leads you to no longer judge , especially to yourself, and to start practicing a different lifestyle. ” – Don Miguel Ruiz The second Toltec Championship, Mastering Transformation, shows us how to change the dream of our lives. The goal of the second championship is to bring order to the chaos of the Mitote , in all voices in our mind, to face our fears, transform our fears and get results. The result we want is the freedom to live our own life rather than that of the parasite or the belief system. The mastery of transformation is achieved by changing our chords and reprogramming our own mind in our own way. The four agreements are a summary of the mastery of transformation. With the four chords, my intention was to create a messenger capable of getting into the imagination of readers and changing their point of view. If you have practiced these agreements, you already know what they can do. You have the ability to go directly into your belief system, into the thousands of agreements you have made with yourself, and create doubt.

And just like magic, because they are magical, the four chords slowly release the faith that is locked into your belief system.