Employer Branding – Enhancing Organization's Performance

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There are around 450 million people who are in constant search of jobs, and not even half the number of employers to help the out. Amidst this entire job/employee hunt, the lynchpin that works for numerous competing industries is employer branding. With today’s market and business world being centered on a total antagonistic approach, there is really not much left to one’s options. On the other hand, human capital is a powerful weapon, which levels the competition among various entrepreneurs and their companies. And this human capital is directly proportional to the expectation which is expected out of every brand and its owner. In other words, the stronger impact your brand has on its audience, the greater will be the amount of influence of your employer branding on the people. Employment Branding nearly works on the same principal. It lends both, a proper perspective as well as an ambitious prospective to the different people working as your subordinates or as your employees. It gives a certain amount of imagination for the people to decide what kind of work they are doing and what level of business intellect they are dealing with. In other words, the brand of your employment forms the quintessence of your company and the people who are leading it. Another wonderful aspect of employer branding is that, it is the core key for attracting job seekers in a huge amount. It is literally the ‘moth to the flame’ story all over again. The now well established, huge MNC’s use it. All small scale entrepreneurs use it. Why not apply it to every aspect of this employment web? Employer branding, if put in a way, is a holistic way of marketing yourself. If put in layman terms, employer branding is what companies do, to create a positive hype about them, in order to sell. More the amount of popularity you gain, the better will be your employer branding. The way this new emerging, IT based business world sees it, employer branding is a whole other language which companies use to communicate with the millions of job seekers and applicants that travel from one company to another. The best thing about employer branding is that it puts less light on the company’s product which is the current marketing strategy of all average organizations, and puts the greater amount of focus on the company, its working strategy, its goals and objectives and lastly the benefit to the employee for working with that particular company. Working for a company which is famous and buzzed about is every job seeker’s dream. Employer branding is exactly the fuel to the fire of this mechanism. After all, survival of the fittest stands true for the business world too.Employer

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